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From the wide open pastures of New Zealand

Akaroa Peninsula

A deer farm on Akaroa Penisula, New Zealand

From the wide open pastures of New Zealand comes a venison so good they gave it another name.  Cervena® Natural Tender Venison is a quality assured, farm raised venison that is distinctly different and reassuringly good.



All the flavour without the Fat

Smoked cervena venison


Cervena Venison is rich in iron and low in fat, making it an ideal meat to include as part of a balanced diet


The Cervena Farmers

Meet the Cervena producers


New Zealand farmers create a meat to match modern diners desires.


Grill Yourself Skinny

Cervena stars in healthy cookbook.
Healthy Grilling with Cervena


Heidi Skolnik is a nationally recognized thought leader in nutrition. Her new book Grill Yourself Skinny shows you how to make delicious grilled foods and eat healthfully. Especially the Cervena venison recipes.

Sustainable farming in New Zealand



The means of production and the method of travel have a far greater impact on a product’s energy consumption and carbon emissions then does the distance it travels to market.

Cervena Chefs

Brad Farmerie


Chef Brad Farmier, head chef at Public - NYC, always has Cervena on his restaurant menu. 

Chef Tips

Graham Brown
Chef Tips


Working with Cervena Venison is easy. Get the best from the range of Cervena venison cuts available.

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