Brad Farmerie

Public Restaurant NYC

"Cervena’s purity of flavor makes it a favorite choice for me. It has a taste that most beef cannot match, with a subtlety that everyone can enjoy.  It is a very lean meat, which means it is not only healthy but very easy to prepare, with very little fat to trim before cooking. I  used Cervena from New Zealand for over 11 years and it was on my menu at Public since day one." 


Venison is the new IT meat!

In 2003, Brad surprised the New York dining community with his unique global cooking style at Public.  His inventive dishes, based on flavors and ingredients he has found during extensive traveling over the past seven years as well as a fresh cooking approach gained through training in London rather than the US, had diners and media alike sit up and pay attention.  “I especially applaud the kitchen for creating a menu that is one of the most bold and exciting reads in the city,” enthused food writer and blogger Andrea Strong, “ the kitchen shows us food that is new and fresh and forces us to take chances and live a little outside the walls of the familiar.”   Wallpaper magazine describes Brad’s cooking as a “free-wheeling global style that suits the space” while Time Out NY awarded Public the 2004 award for best brunch for Brad’s novel approach to treating familiar fare with sophisticated contemporary twists.

The 33-year old native of Pittsburgh found his passion for cooking while working in restaurants to help pay for his engineering degree at Penn State.  At a career crossroads at 19 years old, he took a year off to pursue cooking.  A trip to visit his brother in London turned into a seven-year stint there.  Brad enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu and never looked back, graduating with a degree in cuisine and pastry in 1996 just when the UK food scene began its spectacular, cutting edge renaissance.   His first job was at the Sugar Club, where he met New Zealand native Chef Peter Gordon, who became his culinary mentor.  “Peter has an amazing palate and a great sense of adventure about cuisine,” says Brad “and I have him to thank for introducing me to the fresh flavors and products of New Zealand and Australia that I still favor on my menu today.  But what I really learned from Peter was that you had to travel to ‘live the cuisine’ of different cultures in order to establish your own cooking style.”   Brad has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as his favorite culinary destinations of New Zealand and Australia, incorporating favorite spices, herbs and raw ingredients from each trip into his own cooking repertoire.  The result is a singular cooking style not found elsewhere in the US.

Brad rounded out his culinary training by working at such other notable London restaurants as Coast, Chez Nico and Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons.  He fueled his interest in wine at the same time, pursuing a wine education at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust where he made a point of researching and tasting as many Australian and New Zealand varietals he could find.  A month-long trip to both countries was followed by his teaming up once again with Peter Gordon and partner Anna Hansen in 2002 to help open their critically acclaimed The Providores and Tapa Room.  Brad found himself surrounded once again by the products and wine of New Zealand and Australia, thus sealing his love affair with both.

In 2003 NYC cutting-edge design firm Avroko found Brad’s singular global cooking style the perfect match for their new Nolita restaurant, and he was recruited to be a partner and executive chef at PUBLIC.  There his food has been termed everything from Australasian to Antipodean, to which Brad smilingly disagrees.  “My style is an amalgam of my travels.  It is global, it is contemporary, but it is based in classic cuisine; my idea of fun is to take the traditional flavor profile of a dish – the acids, the textures, the sweetness -- and update the classic ingredients used to obtain new flavor combinations.  So I might replace the vinegar with lime juice, and the pork with venison, or the rice with quinoa to produce a surprising, yet familiar result.   And I intend to keep on traveling and tasting new things every year to fuel my creative spirit.”

Favorite Cervena Preparations:  

Rare Roast Cervena Loin with Licorice Pickled Onions… Tea Smoked Cervena with Truffled Baby White Asparagus, Capers, and Chive Blossoms…Spicy Thai Salad with Grilled Cervena…Cervena burger with Tomato Chili Jam and Chive Aioli

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Chef Brad Farmerie