Cervena Brands



Five New Zealand companies are licensed to use the Cervena name.

A handful of specialized venison marketing companies have been licensed to use the Cervena® natural tender venison appellation. In order to qualify as Cervena the animals must be three years of age or under, and raised in the most natural ways- free range, grass fed and given no hormones or steriods. To ensure consistently optimal results, Cervena must be processed to internationally recognized standards.

Cervena brands retain responsibility for the production and sale of their individually branded Cervena® venison.


Mountain River Venison, Auckland, NZ

D'Artangan, Newark NJ, USA

Broadleaf Game, Vernon, CA

Four Seasons Venison, The Lamb Co, Winton, CT

Silver Fern Farms, Dunedin, NZ

Duncan New Zealand Ltd, Auckland, NZ