Cervena Venison Qualities

Cervena arrives to you in vacuum packs either freshly chilled or frozen. Cervena is easy to recognize by the distinctive stripes, gold for chilled, silver for frozen.

Cervena cuts offer value for money. With virtually no fat or sinews, it provides high yield and little cooking shrinkage. Cuts can be ordered from your supplier 12 months of the year according to your requirements.


Introduction to Cervena Venison



Cervena natural, farm raised venison is versatile, as well as quick and easy to prepare. Its mild, yet distinctive flavor and natural tenderness suits virtually any style of cooking, year-round. Cut it into steaks, medallions, noisettes, and chops, cutlets, or kebobs. Even the trim is perfect for use in satay's and pasta dishes. Your own imagination and a few herbs and spices are the only ingredients you need to add for mouth watering dishes such as Cajun-spiced Cervena, impressive roast racks, warm and cold salads, and barbecue dishes.



Because Cervena Venison is a farmed meat, harvested at its best, each cut will be consistent in size, tenderness and flavour.  Chefs have confidence when preparing innovative Cervena dishes that each cut will be as good as the last. 



Not dependent on the seasons, Cervena is produced and sold 12 months of the year.  Whatever your occasion and what ever the season, Cervena is always available.  For information on how to source Cervena in your area, click here.



There is a Cervena cut to meet every budget and cut requirements.  In addition to the most popular loin and rack cuts, the Denver leg offers a larger piece of meat with guaranteed tenderness that can be butchered into several different portion sizes to fit different recipe requirements.  Quick cooking flank steaks are great on the grill and easy to use for the home cook, and the osso bucco is the perfect choice for braising.


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Chef Eric Torralba, Tra Vigne, Napa CA