About the Farm:  I manage Northbank Station, which is a family-owned farm of 1600 acres, with 1500 acres being effectively farmed.  The farm has about 100 paddocks on which the deer roam and graze.  The deer are grass fed and supplemented with sileage and barley grown on the farm during the winter months.  Last year, 5000 animals were farmed for the Cervena label.

Northbank is beautifully laid out with shelter and fresh clean water available in each paddock.  We feed our deer clean young grass and have initiated a ‘center lane system' for moving our herds from one paddock to another to graze, eliminating the stress factor that can be associated with that.  And our farm is serviced by an irrigation system that draws water from the nearby Rakaia River, ensuring our animals new grass even during times of drought.

The Rewards of Deef Farming: I enjoy the reward of deer farming and the challenge of raising a new herd of animals to the high standards of the Cervena label each and every season.  I am proud to say that our venison is a lean, clean product based on principles of sustainable farming.

Favorite Venison Dishes:  "One of our favorite ways to eat venison is to marinate thick cuts from the loin in a mixture of plum sauce, garlic and equal amounts of olive oil and orange juice.  A quick 2 to 3 minutes on each side on the barbecue and it's ready.  Another dish we enjoy is a rolled roast served with fresh home grown vegetables like Kumura pumpkin; we put the roast in a roasting bag so that we have a lovely rich gravy from the juices."