Heidi Skolnik

Author of Grill Yourself Skinny

Thought leader on Nutrition is a huge fan of Cervena venison.  Heidi includes recipes for lean Cervena venison in her latest book "Grill Yourself Skinny".

 Did you know that grilling, especially over an infrared grill, is one of the most healthy ways to prepare food? Grill Yourself Skinny shows you how to make delicious grilled foods and eat healthfully.

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In Grill Yourself Skinny Heidi writes "When I was working with the NY Giants footbal team, I learned about Cervena, farm-raised venison from New Zealand.  Because the venison is farm raised, there is no gamey taste.  Instead these greass-fed, open-range animals produce very lean red meat - providing all the benefits of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) but with a much healthier fat profile.  I loved it, the players loved it and so have all my clients who have since tried it."

Here are a couple of the recipes from Heidi's book for you to try:

Grilled Venison medallions with grilled vegetables and walnut pesto

Cervena venison sliders with three toppings

Heidi's book is available from all good bookstores and online at charbroil.com

Chef Heidi Skolnik