Origin Of The Cervena Name


The Cervena Appellation
Just as the Champagne appellation immediately communicates the image of quality sparkling wine from the Northwest region of France, there is now an appellation for premium, farmed venison from New Zealand.

Cervena is distinguished from all other venison by the trademarked assurance that the meat has been naturally produced, and processed in accredited plants, according to a system of high quality standards.

No Longer Just for Kings
The Cervena name reaches back to historical origins to give new meaning to a cherished heritage. It comes from a combination of the Latin, Cervidae, meaning deer, and venison (which originally meant "hunting" in Latin, but over time has come to mean deer meat in general).

For centuries, venison was known as a delicacy for kings, and a seasonal menu item. But pioneering New Zealanders have made a serious and long-term commitment to redefining venison as a tasty and healthy farmed meat available all year-round.

A New Culinary Frontier
Cervena represents a blend of nature's gifts and today's modern approach to eating.

Cervena venison is mild but distinctive, tender and exceptionally versatile. It is available year-round and is wonderfully suited for even the lightest summer fare.

For chefs, the Cervena name guarantees they are working with the finest meat.

To those already familiar with venison, Cervena represents superior taste, flexibility and artistry. For diners and home cooks, Cervena means light, lean and tender meat for fine everyday cuisine.