Shaun Clouston

Head Chef and Partner, Logan Brown, Wellington New Zealand

Shaun Clouston is Executive Chef and Partner of the highly successful Logan Brown Restaurant in New Zealand’s Capital City of Wellington.  Shaun is at the helm of a creative and successful kitchen that was awarded the New Zealand restaurant of the Year award in 2009.  

Head Chef of Wellington's Logan Brown Restaurant & Bar since 2006, Shaun studied and worked in New Zealand for several years, including four years at Logan Brown in the late nineties, before moving to Sydney where, during five years, he cooked at La Grillade, Infusion@333 and Wildfire restaurants. In 2006, Shaun was approached by Logan Brown Restaurant owners, Steve Logan and Alister Brown, to rejoin the restaurant as their Head Chef.

In 2008 Shaun became a business partner at Logan Brown and in 2009 Logan Brown was awarded the converted Cuisine Magazine Supreme Winner, Restaurant of the Year.

Shaun's philosophy on food and cooking is to serve classical but skilfully cooked dishes, using good techniques, to create a consistent result every time; and using the best local, seasonal ingredients you can get your hands on. Paramount to all of this is the use of ethical and environmentally friendly producers and suppliers.

For Shaun, consistency is paramount. As he can't be in the kitchen during every single shift, training the brigade of chefs in the kitchen well is the key to ensuring consistency throughout any lunch or dinner service. ‘We will make the dish with the chefs and then later get them to make it back for us to make sure that the consistency is where we need it,' says Shaun.

Logan Brown has earned its reputation as one of New Zealand's finest restaurants by staying consistent to the philosophy of cooking generous, full-flavoured and honest food - a philosophy which Shaun also shares. ‘And we are far more seasonal in New Zealand than in Australia where most products are available year round, so we have a constantly evolving menu here - as new ingredients come into season we tweak and introduce new dishes to the menu, often on a weekly basis.

Clouston says "Farm-raised venison is a mainstay of the menu at Logan Brown. I can't think of a time when we have not featured at least one venison dish on the menu. The consistency, the robust and agreeable flavour and the excellent presentation mean it is my go-to meat."

Clouston is not afraid of bold classical New Zealand-leaning flavours - the venison chops with beetroot risotto, goat mascarpone and black pudding a case in point.

Chef Shaun Clouston

Chef Shaun Clouston