Summer Grill Recipes & Cooking Tips

Barbecuing Cervena is a delicious, easy way to enjoy this versatile meat.  Simply barbecue Cervena venison in the same way that you would other red meats, with just a little more care to ensure it is not overcooked, as Cervena has a very low fat content it will cook quickly.

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Cooking Tips


  • Always preheat the, grill, heavy fry pan or barbecue before cooking New Zealand Cervena venison;
  • There is no need to marinate Cevena, which is naturally tender when cooked correctly.  However, sauces or brief marinades may be used as an accompaniment or light flavour enhancement;
  • The most critical factor is not to overcook Cervena.  Because it is so lean, overcooking may cause dryness.  Cook Cervena quickly over high heat, and serve rare or medium-rare for maximum flavour and tenderness. 
  • Note: Like other meat, venison is a potential source of toxoplasmosis, which can be harmful to unborn babies and those with weakened immune systems. Like other meat, venison should therefore not be eaten raw or under-cooked during pregnancy or by people with weakened immune systems.
  • Cooking times on the BBQ – Stirfry – 30 to 40 seconds over a high heat.  Medallions - allow about 1 minute per side per cm.
  • Cover Cervena after cooking and leave for a few minutes in a warm place before serving. This will allow the venison to relax and natural juices to disperse evenly.  Do not reheat New Zealand Cervena venison unless it is in a casserole.

BBQ Cervena Medallions with Summer Vegetables and a Walnut Pesto

Grill Cervena on the barbeque