Chefs on Cervena


"I have used Cervena Venison for over 15 years.  My wife and I were first introduced to it when we visited New Zealand.  We saw first hand their farming methods.  The care and attention these animals receive is what makes the meat so immaculate."

Chef Todd Gray Chef/Co-owner of Equinox and Executive Chef of Market Salamander.


"I love the deep flavor of Cervena and its consistent high quality.  Its sense of rustic elegance really works well in both my restaurants, and I find it appeals to a broad base of my customers who are looking for a red meat alternative to beef.” 

Chef Scott Conant, L’Impero and Alto, NYC


"Cervena venison is lean, tasty, full flavored, versatile and easy to use.  It's a four season meat."

Chef Ed Brown, The Sea Grill, NYC


"In addition to its great flavor, Cervena venison is really healthy and packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.  Even better, it’s a meat free of antibiotics and synthetic hormones. 

In the kitchen we appreciate its excellent packaging, which keeps the meat fresh and makes for less labor on our end."

Chef Eric Torralba, Tra Vigne, Napa, CA


"Cervena venison has so many of the qualities I look for when searching for products to serve on my menu – it is consistently tender, succulent, and flavorful.   I like that the New Zealand deer farmers are serious about raising all natural products, something that diners are increasingly looking for in their meat choices.  And the meat is so lean that it really lends itself to warm weather dishes."

Chef Chris Beischer,   Jean-Georges Restaurant Group


"I enjoy serving Cervena venison for my guests because they are always so excited by it. They relish its delicate flavor and fork tenderness, and when they find out about its low fat content, they are thrilled."

Chef Robbie Lewis, Jardiniere , San Francisco