Cervena - Pure Freedom

From the fresh, open farmlands of New Zealand comes a meat so tender, so delicious, that we gave it its own name. It's called Cervena® venison.

Akaroa Deer Farm


About the Name

The name Cervena reaches back to historical origins, combining cervidae, the Latin word for deer, with venison. Read more..


Criteria to Become Cervena Venison

In order to qualify as Cervena Natural Tender Venison, the farmed animals must meet specific criteria:

  • Three years and under
  • Transported and processed according to strict quality-assured standards of the Cervena brand; licensed processing plants are audited bi-annually by an independent agency
  • Naturally raised
  • Must be Cervus Elephus (Red Deer, or North American Elk/Wapiti) or Dama Dama (Fallow) 

The deer must be able to roam and graze in natural conditions on the pastures of the farm.

No growth hormones or steroids are administered to the animals.

The deer are fed only on grass and can be supplemented during the colder months with only natural feed like hay and silage.

Quotation for the Homepage
Chef Ed Brown, The Sea Grill, NYC